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JURADO : MIEMBRO DEL JURADO DE LOS JUEGOS FLORALES 2008  TUXTLA GTZ CHIAPAS MEXICOGIRAS INTERNACIONALES: Como poeta o músico, Sarah ha sido invitada en 4 continentes en prestigiosos ámbitos en el marco de giras de conciertos  internacionales: -El Berlín Festival, Londres al Contemporary Art Centre, Valle d’Hebron para los Juegos Olímpicos (concierto para la prensa),  Escandinavia para la primer parte de las actuaciones de Youssou N’Dour, Canada: con la “Federación Internacional de Juventud Musicales”, Palacio del  Congreso de Yaoundé (Camerún), Teatro Daniel Sorano de Dakar (Sénégal), Teatro Bastidores Miguel Angel Asturias de Guatemala, (CREA),Festival de Rabat en Marrueco, Congreso Mundial de Poesía en Marrackech con Jorge Luis Borges, Shar’ar Helicon Festval en Israel, “Mujeres Poetas en el País de Las Nubes” ,Delegación Coyoacán en México, Instituto Cultural Francés de Tripoli Libia, Festival de Poesía de Granada Nicaragua, Festival de Mawazine en Marrueco, Festival de Timimoun Algeria, Festival de Cartago Tunicia,  Festival Ars Armandi en Roma, Kora Awards SurÁfrica , Harstad Festival en Noruega ETC,,,,,Etc, etc



(Member of the International network of Story tellers, Spain)

A combination of beauty & brains, with a touch of class plus a personality that wakes even the sun from its slumber, crowned with a rare type of humility! Now that in parlance, describes multi talented instrumentalist, composer, lyricist and song-stress Sarah Carrere Mbodj.

A poet and a musician with great creative talents and a deep passion for her art, Sarah is arguably the only African female professional KORA player there is! The male dominated world of traditional, classical and contemporary KORA players, have come to respect and admire her, even accepting her as an equal. Her poems have been published by” Nubes y Arena Editores, Tajamar Edicionesy Editorial Cibertaria: •”Generación Rebeldes: Coro de llamas para el Che”; “Mujeres en el País de Las Nubes, Toluca , Mexico 2008; Sarah hails from the deeply cultural and one time capital town of St. Louis in Senegal, West Africa. Born in St Louis Senegal of a Senegalese father and French mother from Brittany, she has inherited her strong artistic talents from parents, her father Charles Carrere, the famous poet and laureate of the “Grand prix of the Madrid Foundation Fernando Rielo” and the talent of the Celtic people from her mother side, for her writing and composition abilities;

Her father is presently the Honorary Patron of the Belgium the “Maison de la Poèsie “in  Bruxelles.

Sarah is a graduate of Dakar School of Arts (Senegal), where she studied music, majoring in composing, singing and playing the KORA – a gigantic 21 string Harp-Lute originally from West Africa, dating back to the 12th century native Mandingos. Sarah’s workshops for music institutions, schools, etc…. include presentation of videos about African musicology and details of her private gallery of music instruments from 40 African countries (100 traditional instruments).

She followed with a degree in English from the University of Dakar and later studied for a post-graduate course in languages at the then Polytechnic of central London and she speaks and writes fluently a number of languages including her native Wolof, Fula, Mandingo, French, English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese and is currently studying Arabic.

Sarah is a Laureate of the “YEHUDI MENUHIN” classical Foundation (Paris: Department "Prèsence de la Musique") and she was a nominee at the 2002 KORA AFRICAN MUSIC AWARDS in South Africa and also commissioned to open the ceremony at prestigious Johannesburg Gallaher Estate. This performance has brought a lot of interest to Sarah both as a performing artist and as the only female KORA player of the 21st century! and she is what one would describe as a total re-invention of the dialogue that occurs between the harp and the listener; She brings with her a total new concept of the Afro-folk or classical ancient music in this new dispensation…